1. How to enjoy MMOsite Vote?

Should I login first so as to vote? Not necessarily. But if you login, more prize-giving events will be available to you.

2. How to check the voting results?

You can click the “Result” button below the options of each poll before or after voting. The result page is just like: http://vote.mmosite.com/vote_result.php?v_id=495!

3. Can I vote for 2 or more options in the same poll?

Generally, each IP can only cast one vote in the same poll. But some polls may be set in the way that you can vote repeatedly.

4. What about the poll status?

1) Valid: With the poll’s duration shown in green characters, you can vote and check the results.
2) Expired: With the poll’s duration shown in red characters, the poll expired, and you can only check the results.

5. How to find the hot polls?

On the right side of the MMOsite Vote homepage, you can see two poll charts, i.e. “Weekly Top 10” and “Monthly Top 10” which are both based on each poll’s views.

6. How to search for the polls I’m interested in?

Just input related info (e.g. the game name) in the search box, then you can easily find corresponding polls. For example, input “Aion”, and you’ll be directed to:

7. Can I show the poll in other places?

Yes. At the bottom of each poll is the poll’s URL. You can just copy it to other places.

8. Can I join the poll that expired?

Sorry, you can’t. You can only check the voting results.

9. What is Survey? Can the users also start surveys?

A survey consists of several polls actually. Click here to access the Survey homepage and join the surveys. MMOsite will team up with the game companies to carry out prize-giving surveys at irregular intervals. Please stay tuned!
At present, it is still unavailable for the users to start surveys.

10. How to start a new poll? And what’re the reward rules?

How to start a new poll?

After logging in, you can click the button shown below to start a new poll.
Or you can click here: http://vote.mmosite.com/user_vote.php!
Then, fill in each blank and click “Submit”. Once approved by the official staff, the poll will be displayed among the “Latest Polls” on the homepage. You can also show it in other places.

What about the poll examination?

The polls that users start are subject to the official staff’s examination, which will last 1 or 2 working days. If you have any questions, please contact:
Can I get rewarded after starting a new poll successfully?
Yes. The reward rules are as below:
New polls started: +10 points each
Polls deleted: -20 points each
Polls recommended: +200 points each
The more voters your poll attracts, the more points you’ll receive.

Amount of Voters Reward Points
< 50 20
50~100 50
101~150 80
151~200 100
201~300 150

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